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Deep Space Traffic Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place? What is a hit exchange?
Welcome to the wonderful world of hit exchange advertising. This is a great way for small business owners, opportunity seekers and website owners to get top quality traffic to their websites. It's a very simple concept, you will visit other members' websites and they will visit yours. The more sites you visit, the more website traffic you will receive!
How can I recruit new members so I can benefit from my own downline?
Referring new members to DeepSpace Traffic is a powerful way to increase your cash and credits, without having to surf or purchase more traffic. When someone creates a new account from your referral link, you receive bonus credits, banners, and cash directly to your account. Then as they surf and use the DeepSpace traffic system, you will always receive a small percentage of every credit they earn... for life. So long as your account is active and your referral is active, you will earn new credits without lifting a finger. Now if you recruit a lot of new members to DeepSpace Traffic (i.e., build a downline) you can have a very significant source of traffic. On top of that, you not only receive credits for the new members you refer, but also for any new members that they refer, up to five levels deep. And you'll see your complete downline list on your referrals page. To build your downline, people must signup for new DeepSpace Traffic accounts directly from your referral link. You can obtain your referring URL by clicking on "Referrals" after logging in to your DeepSpace Traffic account. Advertise that link and you will start to build your downline.
How does the games and bonus pages works?
If you hover over all the links and content in the surfbar a window will pop up and explain what its for. All the games and bonus pages have desciptions on it.
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