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Website Traffic at Warp Speed

Deep Space Traffic is one of the few websites online that lets you earn traffic to your website easily and quickly. You will have real, interested people visiting your website in as little as 2 minutes. It's that quick.

Deep Space Traffic delivers high quality traffic to websites, blogs, squeeze pages, social networks, and more, and our traffic is proven to convert to real sales and signups.

You can use Deep Space Traffic to introduce yourself to gain traffic to any site, while meeting other members just like you. This traffic is better than pop-ups, exit ads, and other forms of advertising that could be blocked by browser technologies. At Deep Space Traffic your website will not be blocked.

Look at what these members had to say.

These are real testimonials from members just like you!

DST is a fun exchange with many features not seen elswhere in the traffic exchange world.
Neil Marsh

DST is one of my most favorite Manual Traffic Exchange. I have tried them all and DST is the most engaging and non-boring traffic exchange on the net!
Richard Daigle

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We have the technology

Deep Space Traffic is constantly improving, and has undergone extensive programming to bring you the best features for promoting your website or yourself.

70% Commissions

Now introducing a new upgrade package that grants members the opportunity to earn 70% commissions on all purchases made by your direct downline referrals. That's right, if you refer members to Deep Space Traffic, we'll pay you 70% of their order when they purchase credits, banners, text links, space ads, start pages, and upgrade packages. Just sign up now and upgrade to DST Business account to get started.

The SurfBar

The primary feature of Deep Space Traffic, our surfbar, allows you to earn credits that can be exchanged for hits to your website views as well as banner and text link impressions, or our very own SpaceAds.


Deep Space Traffic has a unique, custom designed teamsurfing feature that places the top surfers, rated by the collection of stars, into 10 teams to combine their efforts so that they can then compete against each other for weekly prizes.

Banners and Text Links

We offer competitive banner and text ad features to give you even more of an edge. Banners and text ads are shown in the surfbar while surfing.

Our SpaceAds

Deep Space Traffic also offers a unique advertising medium called SpaceAds. This is a small graphic or text ad which is delivered occasionally while members surf in a way guaranteed to catch their eye.

Members Chat

Not only can you view interesting websites at Deep Space Traffic, but also talk to the members promoting those sites while you are viewing it. With our chat feature built directly into the surfbar you can make friends and hold conversations while earning traffic and promoting your website. Deep Space Traffic is one of the few traffic exchanges that have this popular feature.

Lottery and Drawings

Deep Space Traffic holds a weekly lottery. Tickets can be gained by surfing, and the numbers then picked or randomly assigned in your member's area at your convenience. Big jackpot prizes can be won for anyone who gets all 5 of the lucky numbers.

Also available while surfing are random raffle tickets in a drawing that may reward prizes. These prizes can be redeemed at any time in your member's area.

Sign up now and we'll give you one complimentary lottery ticket and one complimentary drawing ticket as a welcome gift.

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It also Doubles as a Holodeck

So you've never seen Star Trek and have no idea what a Holodeck is? The holodeck is a room on Star Fleet ships that can simulate realities and entertain the crew on their off time. While the Deep Space Traffic website doesn't yet have the capabilities of simulating realities and putting your brain inside the matrix, it can entertain you.

Surf through Space

Surf through Space was the first game developed for Deep Space Traffic. It puts you as the commander of a space ship on a journey to explore the planets in our solar system. While surfing, you will travel to, land upon, and then explore the planets of our solar system. You begin with Mars, going out to Pluto, slingshotting back to tackle Mercury and Venus, and then with a bit of luck you safely return to Earth. You will have the opportunity to rake in lots of prizes on your journey, as well as learning about the solar system in which we live.


While surfing you will occasionally find a powercell. There are 16 in total, needed to power the surfbar.
The first person to find 16 powercells will receive their link on the surfbar for all members currently online to see, as well as some free credits for even more traffic.


You will also occasionally find stars while surfing. The members who collect the most stars each day will be rewarded prizes, and those who have collected the most stars throughout the week will be assigned to a team, where you can compete with other members for a weekly jackpots as well as playing the teamsurfing game...

Omega Scout

A game for Admirals. Omega Scout contains a map of a galaxy full of stars.
The object of this game is for to become an Admiral and build a fleet of ships to colonize these stars. Each team will be working towards this objective.

Unfortunately, even in the vastness of space, there are only so many stars to go around, and at some point you will have no choice but to use the large fleets of ships you are building to attack and gain control of another team's system.

Omega Scout pits you and the other members of your team directly against other players, and through cooperative teamwork you can come out victorious at the end of the week and claim that jackpot.

2 Minutes...
...and you'll be having fun at DST!

Do you follow the Prime Directive?

Hundreds of traffic exchanges can be found online, but few deliver results for their members the way Deep Space Traffic does. Afterall, what good is traffic if it doesn't convert into signups and sales?

As you've seen above, Deep Space Traffic has an impressive arsenal of features available to our members completely free of charge. Many of these features, meant to improve the quality of our traffic and make our website enjoyable, can not be found at any of those other traffic exchanges. And because we are constantly adding new features and improving existing ones we know your second impression of Deep Space Traffic will always be better than your first.

Here is a recap of what makes Deep Space Traffic special!

We've taken the best traffic exchange script out there and completely redesigned it to make ours one of a kind. Combined with a superb design, Deep Space Traffic offers the most dynamic and diverse surfing options for our members. That leads to the best results driven trafifc in the industry! We've created a fun surfing environment and give out hundreds of dollars worth of prizes and bonuses every single week. Activity is high and a constant flow of new members ensures you always have a new, larger audience to promote to each and every month you remain a member. Our hypersurfs, asteroid roulette, interstellar lottery, cosmic drawing, and our all new SPACE ADS are just some of the features you'll find here and nowhere else. Every one is designed to provide you with quality traffic that is truly out of this world!

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We have the best technology, the best features, and the best... well, everything. And it stands to reason that that makes us the best! You are reading the front page of the best traffic exchange online. But for some reason, you are still only on the front page. In the ever distant folds of Deep Space, you are here, when you should be here - promoting your website.

In the time it takes you to tell us your name, your email, and your website, you can be receiving hits to that website and having fun online.

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